Are Polish girls Blond?

Do Polish women have blond hair?

I would say the most common hair color in Poland is dirty blond. Because it is so cloudy the natural tendency is for genetics to gravitate towards light hair and light skin.  You would expect to see classic blonds that are pale. However, the reality is Polish history is a bit more complex.

What you have in Poland is a mix of darker haired girls who have Jewish and Asiatic genes as well as natural genetic variation among Polish girls. Granted these are not a prevalent as blond haired Polish girls but you do see them.

My wife for example has dark love skin and dark hair. But her sister in thephotoabove is a Polish blonde.

Yet if you were to generalize most Polish girls do have lightish hair.

How Polish girls alter their hair
Most of the students you see around Krakow and Warsaw do not alter their hair color for the simply reason is, it is too expensive to be working on your hair. Polish student girls are still poor unless their parents have money.

Therefore, you see a lot of dirty blonds in Poland with longish hair. However, the one that do tend to go to extremes. The darker haired girls and even many high school girls like to color their hair black.

Dark hair Polish girls – If you want to generalize, girls that tend to color or unnaturally alter their hair black or very dark, tend to be the bad Polish girls. They are putting it out there that they are striking. They tend to do this like a girl who wears a see through shirt. It is just a secondary sign. They probably do not even do this consciously. Do not confuse this with natural brunettes.

I would say the exception to this are girls going through a Gothic phase. These girls are usually just mildly depressed.

Polish girls with light hair – Similarly is a Polish girl bleaches her hair to an extreme like a Doda when she is putting it out there ‘look at me’. Maybe not as bad as the dark hair girls but more attention hungry. Blond or even an extreme red is something that strikes you as overt.

Polish girls that alter their hair slightly – these tend to be normal girls. Blonds that tend to more natural color.

  • Interesting fact: There is a saying in Poland and I think there is so statistics to back it up, that Polish guys tend to marry Blonds and cheat with brunettes. While in the USA guys tend to marry Brunettes but cheat with blonds.

The most desired hair color statistically for Polish girls is actually mousey or dirty blond. Do not ask me why but this is the most prefered color in Polish girls.

Where are the fair haired women of the world? If you have a weakness for Polish blonds I can tell you, you will have no shortage of supply in Eastern Europe and along the Baltic. Germany is the only country that does not have a Baltic Blond population. I could not believe it when I was in Gdansk and Sopot for the first time. ironically I like dark-haired women as I am light. I think physical opposites attract and psychological similar.

Is it a coincidence that the Baltic is the land of Blonds and golden Amber stones?  Polska Blondynka is the word for blond in the Polish language.

Fair hair is caused when the dark pigment eumelanin is in low concentration and there is actually a scale the rates blondness A to J called the Fischer–Saller scale. From platinum blond to flax, ash to dark blond. Red is often mixed in as well as other genes. Blondes tend to be recessive genes however it is not the case. Humans are not pea pods and genes dance around the generations.

There are a lot of mythologies around light-haired people, but it is all for story-books. If you like blonds go for it. I married the girls who I was attracted to. No debate there. I think hair color is a superficial way to choose a mate but somehow it is a strong way on an instinctive level.  So if you like blonds go to Poland not India.

Middle Eastern guys and Slavic blondes
I have noticed guys from darker countries like Turkey or the Middle East love Polish blonds because it is something unique and different.
Blond jokes and stereotypes aside blonds do have more fun, this was shown statistically, for some reason they are perceived as younger and are generally more happy.

Blonds tend to have more hair than brunettes or redhead and consequently tent to lose their hair last. They also tend to turn dark then grey and this pattern happens later than brunettes. I am a Polish blond even though I am a guy and I am 48 and do not really have any grey hair, my hair just turned a little bit darker.

Is there any correlation between IQ and hair color. Some crazy guy at Harvard wrote a book about IQ called the bell curve, and said there was slight to none correlation. Maybe light to natural brunettes tended to have a higher IQ slightly by like 1 point.

Test famous Polish blondes

  1. Anja Rubik – world top model, tall, skinny, very long legs.
  2. Weronika Książkiewicz – Polish actress born in Moscow. Her father is Russian, what makes her look so unusual
  3. Joanna Krupa – Polish-American model
  4. Magdalena Mołek – tv presenter
  5. Doda – Like Madonna in Poland but young with shape
  6. Julia Pietrucha – young actress, classic slavic look
  7. Alicja Bachleda – actress, known in Hollywood
  8. Małgorzata Kożuchowska – actress
  9. Martyna Wojciechowska – presenter, journalist, traveller and writer. She is a trained economist. She completed the Seven Summits in January 2010.
  10. Beata Pawlikowska – writer, world traveller.

You can find any of the modelki above on YouTube, there is no reason for me to post those images here. I would recommend going down the list as in some way I think I put this together in descending order of attractiveness. If you want to rate these girls they are all above an 8 in terms of looks. Leave a comment if you want to know how to date a blond from Poland or have anything else to say. Also explore my site as I list Polish dating sites I recommend and have nice pictures of real Polish girls.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Russia and Eastern Europe in general have a lot of blondes, but remember many of the girls you see ‘help’ their blondness. I think for girls to change her hair color to blond she has to have these light features naturally or it will look funny or you have to spend a lot of money on it. So maybe they lighten it a bit in Eastern Europe but usually they have a light base.
I do not like it when you touch a women’s hair and it is brittle. If you lighten it worlds better with henna and lemon and sun.

“Blonds do have more fun, this was shown statistically.”

I clearly remember you saying that studies/statistics are often misleading because they have agendas behind them. Where does this one stand?

Do blondes have more fun is an excellent question and I do not have the answer. I am curious how you feel about this?

The human condition is a universal thing. That means we all suffer and have problems in this world. We are incomplete and feel depressed and down because this is one of the aspects of being human, especially in youth. I think once people get into middle age they figure out more about life and have less of this tendency. But as teens and early twenties we come into this world and are like ‘what the deuce is this all about?’. Blond or brunette or redhead it does not matter. We all have to deal with this.

That being said I think blonds get more attention.

Based on my observation of people, I know, myself and my friends, get attention and this can prop them up. They get support and people are a bit more gentle with them and are more accepted.

As a teen I had really blond hair and I used to joke that I could put a navy blue blazer on with an emblem and walk into any private party or building or closed event and no one would even check me.

I would be accepted and given the green light anywhere I went. People smiled at me a little more an were more kind to me than my dark-haired friends.

Girls in contrast liked the dark Italian looking macho guys. But for other things in life, it was great to be blond and I had a lot more fun.

Then when I went to South America or Africa or the Middle East I realized that girls did not like only dark hair men. But rather I was like a movie star with my blond hair.

I think based on my personal experience as a blond, people would be hard pressed to argue to me that blonds do not have more fun simply by virtue of there are less of us.

But there are some downsides, I have seen that blonds if anything are more erratic in nature. They are more subject to greater mood ups and downs. I always have thought of them like Arabian horses, that is very temperamental. Seeing that they are from the far northern areas where the sun does not shine much, I think this might play into the slightly depressed or cantankerous with themselves theory.

Yet on the other hand, the blonds I know tend to have the other side the positive side, the sunny side to their personality. Whereas a brunette gets down they tend to stew in their emotions more.

This is not based on any statistic but my playful observation. I would be curious about your observation.

I think blonds do have a lot of fun. The whole world notices them and fun, in the temporary fleeting definition of the world, in this world, blond women have more fun. Very few people are truly blond and this makes them different. People crave something new and different.

However, in the long run, I go back to my intial thesis, we are all equal. We all add up to 100%, if a blond takes this attention as they often do and assimilates it by feeding ego the long run is often trouble.

I do not have an observation on the correlation between hair color, personality, and enjoyment of life, but I can’t imagine these things having any relation outside of a subconscious/psychological context. I have noticed that most guys like girls with longer hair, however. My guess is because it’s more feminine (and in my opinion, far more attractive).

You are right. These are pseudoscience observations. I mean you can create all kinds of correlations between personality and external physical characteristics, like mesomorph, Endomorph and ectomorph body types. I think there is something to it but we are masters of our own destiny. And so hair color might have some small influence on behavior in aggregate but we are all different. I have just felt as a life long blond, although my hair is darker now, door opened just a little bit easier for me.

I do think guys like long hair. Long hair really does it for most guys and is one of the easiest things girls can do to increase physical attractiveness.

The girl in the picture is so pretty but she is not a natural blond 🙂 I can see the dark roots.

Marina good observation and only a girl would notice something like this, that is dark roots. However, I know her personally and she is a total natural blond. However, she lives in dark cold Poland and that is the middle of winter and her hair turns darker in the winter. She lightens tt in the winter a bit. However, she can pull of the blong thing because she is natually blond. My wife, her sister is naturally dark and tried to go blond but it was hard as her natural color is darker.
But if you are a natural blond and ‘help’ it from time to time, not much work is required. When she was a girl she was a total blond but now she is dark blond naturally as she is like 32.
She is a pretty girl and she used to do some modeling I think, but she is so not about her look, she is just a nice country girl with good values.

Propably she has dirty mouse blonde and lighten it a bit but surely it is not black or brown colour.

I’m Polish girl and my hair is light brown with red.
I have fair skin and light eyes.
I do not look good with blonde hair, but dark hair men still attract to me.

I think Polish girls are virtually irresistible. If they know you are a Polish girl you will have men chasing you not matter what color your hair is.

Sometimes it seems like almost all people here in Poland have dirty blonde hair and that is the reason why so many Polish girls dye their hair- because they don’t want to look like everybody else. I’m also a darker blonde, or light brown, depending on the season. I have to admit that back when I used to dye it lighter I did have more fun, but I was also younger and didn’t really have any responsibilities. Having a natural color has been great but it will never be as shiny as colored hair. Lemon helped a little for about 2 days, but it also dried it. Does anybody know anything that could make my hair lighter and/or more shiny?

I don’t get the whole fuzz about eastern europe and Blond people, there are surely quite a lot blondes in poland but Its far from being one of the blondest countries ever.

Still I believe natural grown up blonde people are far more common than In the anglospheric countries like UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Australia where the overwhelm amount of blondes you seee on daily life are fake, even among their white population.

I have traveled All over Europe, although Poland does not have a shortage of natural blondes Its not right to claim Poland is among the blondest places in Europe.

From the countries I have been the blondest people I’ve met were in

1)Scandinavia (including Finland) and Netherlands
2) Northern Germany
3) Baltic States
4) Central/Southern Germany, Poland, Czech, Belarus and Parts of Russia.

All the rest have less blondes. For example the UK and Ireland have very few natural blondes, if you compare to countries like Denmark, Sweden or the Netherlands the difference is huge.

What are your thoughts on Polish women who dye their hair jet black?
Not common or natural.
Are they looking for attention or just showing that they are “bad girls”??

I asked myself the same question. Polish girls that do that in my opinion are trying to be striking like a blond does bleach blond. However, with black hair there is an implied “Bad girl” image. I think usually if a girl does that she has a more ‘liberal’ attitude with her dating or goes for macho guys. That is what I have seen. However, I could be wrong, and it depends on the girl. But you know most girls I know do not want to be so extreme with their styles and opt for a dark color but not black unless there is either a Goth or rebel streak in them.

If you really would like to know what colour of hair is comon in Poland simply take a look at the kids in kindergarden or primary school. Then you will see that most of them are blond, a few blown haired and hardly you can find very dark brown or black, almost impossible. I am a teacher at primary school in Poland so I know what I say.

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