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Arab girls – find a female genie

I have two images of Arab girls (المرأة العربية ):

Arab females from a fantasy – Start the Arabic rhythmic music and feel the warm night breeze in an Oasis, while you are reclining on a Sijjad  eating dates. One vision being exotic, with juicy glistening lips, rich eyebrows and long dark hair flowing down to the small of her back and in a word tantalizing. Typically if you search  for “Arab models” this is what you see.

Every man’s fantasy, in this post I tell you how to make your dream come true.

However, the fantasy vision goes deeper. In the collective unconsciousness of most of the world,  Arabian women conjure up images that are from some boyhood fantasy. They might be based on a fusion of I Dream of Jeanne and One Thousand and One Nights and maybe a scene from the Star Wars‘ planet of Tatooine, you know the one with the Arab looking girls at the bar or dancing. It was only a split second but every guy noticed them.

I guess deep down we all would like to find a female genie. Not in a demeaning sense, mind you, just in a fantasy sense. Well at the end of this post I give you one real Arabic dating site that is respectable and I personally would join if I was searching for my one true love. Further, although women libbers would freak if they read this, but marriage is pretty much like having a genie bride. I mean a wife really is like the TV show with Major Nelson .

The imagine of what comes out of the bottle after, a genie.

Arabian women from reality – This is based on observable women on the street. Arab women are pleasant looking, but a reasonable percentage tend to be a little bit roundish. Round arms and faces and bodies with shorter statures.  My theory is their diet is a lot of carbohydrates like, couscous, flat bread and things fried in oil. Carbs make you globular. Further, there is not a culture of  exercises and most wives and daughters stay at home doing light household chores in contrast to the men who are out working, many hard physical labor, just go to Egypt and you will see what  mean. Even if some Middle Eastern women maybe walk they certainly do not flaunt their bodies at the gym like we do at the West. I mean at my local WalMart girls go in their bikinis a t-shirt and flip-flops with basically everything hanging out. I should take a picture.

Shapely lady on the beach is more characteristic of classic form you see from Algeria to Saudi Arabia.

Yet despite this theory that Arab women have a propensity to gain weight, they an allure that you just can not put into words. Further some of the thinnest people I know have been Semitic girls, but they were into dancing, which is an acceptable outlets for physical movement in the Middle East.

The reality of the average Middle Eastern female.

A sense of Middle Eastern fashion
Fashion can go with way.  I have never had a problem with Muslim women (90% of the Arab population is Islamic) who dress modestly and cover their bodies. I have no ideas why some people in the West are against this. I think it is great. I mean what is more interesting to look at, a brassy loud woman who leaves nothing to the imagination or a girl with a nice shy smile and her body is cloaked behind a veil, yet in good style makes you look and use your brain’s creativity to guess what is hidden.

However, if you  do see a female who is in tight jeans and extenuating eyeshadow and glitter with a top that you would see in a disco then she is often above an beyond any woman in you see in on the street and is on par with the fantasy ones.

For a sense of styles of Arab women Al Arabiya – there are a lot of nice pictures and photos, skip the YouTube searches, Facebook groups and Pinterest images go to  Al Arabiya.

Variation of features and western dress make individuals hard to distinguish from Eastern Mediterraneans.

How Arab girls behave
You can say what you want about the Arab world, but they are religious. I respect that. Some people complain that Arabs are taking over France or London. I do not care, at least they are believers whereas  demographically the current inhabitants do not. I do not care about race but I do care about morals. If you look statistically the Arab world, despite the media portrayal is a peaceful, safe place. In Saudi Arabia to Morocco you can walk the streets at night, as a female and know nothing will happen.

Women in the Arab world, similarly hold to a strict social code of behavior. Even if they are brought to the USA, there is no way they will deviant from the their upbringing too far.  Once the framework has been put down in youth, even if someone departs later in life or is transplanted to a new environment, usually they do not stray too far from what they have been taught.

Contrasting a hypothetical degree of average variance from a cultural nor comparing Arab (left) and Western (right) behavior.

On dates or the street the girls will be modest and appropriate.  So ignore the lame videos on YouTube with Arab girls dancing in hotels to some poor quality percussion and suggestive body language. It is not like that.

Who is an Arabian?

  • Genetics basis from the Arabian peninsula, Asia and North Africa
  • Arabic language
  • Islam

I would say anyone who speak the Arabic language as their mother tongue. There are many Christian Arabs. If I was a guy looking for a wife I would seriously consider dating Christian Arabs, it is a warm culture with attractive women. I would focus on Lebanese and Egyptian (l population of Arabs in the world) Coptic.

The Islamic world is more conservative and I respect that.

J-M267 or J1 gene is found in European people. It is really about the language. If there are skin variations this is caused by the sun but being Arab is a linguistic differentiation. It is a cultural which is preserved through the language. I wish I could someday learn the language, not the script but just to speak it.

Al Arabiya
If you want to explore more, about the Middle East, do not read Western news, read Al Arabiya. You can even search “ Al Arabiya girls” to get a closer cultural perspective on the pulse of liberation vs. traditional social mores.

My recommendation on how to find a female genie  for dating and marriage:

  •  Mawada is a respected Arab matrimonial website.  For زواج  Marriage I recommend this website.
  • portal like Yahoo.
  • – One of the largest Arabic cultural portals.

If you are going to the Middle East and you are a beginner traveler I would recommend going to Dubai, that is the UAE because it is set up to accommodate foreigners. If you are traveling with your long-term girlfriend or wife I created a post about which hotels you can travel to without the hassle of a separate room, even if you sleep in separate beds and the relationship is innocent.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I love Arab girl,they are so cute and attractive.

I love Arab girl’s
because no woman in the world with the beauty of Arab women.

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