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Albanians women and men come from an ancient European people known as the Illyrians they call themselves Shqipëri.  However, what gives them their exotic looks is they are more of a mixed of  Greek, Slavic, Turkish, Roman and other people around Albania, there are about seven million Albanians in the world and maybe two million single Albanian girls. Below I give you some basic ideas about their culture but more important websites where to meet them.

Pros of Albanian girls:

  • Untouched by Western feminism
  • Do not have high monetary expectations about the male providing a standard
  • Beautiful girls and European
  • Low competition with other Western guys looking for brides and dates because most of these guys to do places like Poland or Romania or Russia.
  • Beauties like Dua Lipa demonstrate this country what you are looking for.

Cons of Albanian girls

  • Strange foreign culture, even for me. Since it was isolated for so long. It is about 40% Muslim and 40% Christian.  It might be different from what you are used to. However, the Albanians that have come to the west are pretty easy-going, but have kept to themselves. Unless you are Muslim yourself or find a girl who does not care too much about the denomination of her faith (Many Albanians do not), then I can not recommend dating an Albanian Muslim for cultural reasons, your better off dating a Macidonian, Greek or Serbian girl.  They do have similar postive qualities as the girls in Triana without the cultural divide.

Features of Women of Albania

Generally ladies in Albania have dark Medeterainian features.  Albanian girls have features that are so unusual as I would say they do not have an olive complexion like Greeks or really light skin like Balkan girls they are something usual, but beautiful.

One reason I would not consider  Albaniangirls for love is they do not practice their faith.  They just live their lives looking for work etc, but most do not go to church.  For me this is a big turn off.  If you are dating a women for fun this is one thing but for love, marriage and partnership, no way. Somewhere down the road they will have an existential crisis, and you will have basically an American type girl on your hands.

Maybe the reason was communism or the conflict in Kosovo and the Balkans but if you have a bride with no faith she might jump ship with the first storm.

Free Albanian girl dating online

What are the best websites to meet Albanian girls online for free? Easy look at these sites, they are the most popular based on traffic and demographics of people in the dating range:

These are sites which Albanian girls go to chat and meet other Albanians but also other people. You can also try the normal places for social networking like Twitter and Facebook, however, these are not normal dating sites.

Travel to meet Albania girls

Albania is a poor country.  Just go to Albania via plane or via Italy with a ferry. You can get great photos of Albanian girls.  It is certainly cheaper than maybe any other European Mediterranean place, and the girls will not be spoiled like Western women.  They will see you as something special. Just walking down the street if you are half way in shape you will attract attention, which is good if you are looking for love in Albania.

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  1. Dear Albanian,
    I am also human and understand the situation of Albania who is facing great problems nowadays! But inspite of that I welcome all albanian with highly regards. I always pray for them. With highly regards. Adam Sanghaar

  2. Well i would like to visit Albania but I have no friend there even male or female. Even I am still waiting a good response for lady who wish to want to me and I am ready to visit Albania. Take care with high regards

  3. I spent a summer at the beaches in Albania. For over 2 months I was in total bliss. Since I am not a god-ferring man, it made no difference to me that these young ladies do not practice their faith. I’d also like to add that in the States, the divorce rate between American men and Albanian women is the lowest in my country. So why didn’t I marry an Albanian gal? Who said I’m not going back … LOL!

  4. I don’t agree with the comment above , done by editor that Albanian girl are not good for marriage or partnership because they do not practice faith, that’s unreasonable comment,
    Family roots are very strong here in Albania and everyone is proud of it, catholic girls marry Muslim man or Orthodox man, and catholic man marry Muslim girl. This is what Albanians are very generous and lovely people.
    Lots of neighbors are coming to married Albanian girls.
    Divorce is lowest in Europe here in Albania
    thanks for Greg for your comment

    1. I think the comment regarding women of poor faith make bad wives is totally unjust. If you are a genuine person with respect and understanding of your fellow human beings and these ladies are then that is a solid foundation for basing a relationship, rather than going to your place of worship every day.

      1. Ethical humanism can produce lasting relationships with the couple is idealistic. However, with rampant divorce and feminism if you want to ‘roll the dice’ and have a relationship with just a girl who does not subscribe to any higher purpose beyond the here and now you will find yourself regretting it.

        Further in what reality do you pigeon hole someone who is religious with church attendance, it is a basic almost naive understanding of the meaning of spirituality.

    2. I live in Australia and know a number of Albanian Muslims, many are married to Italian Catholics who are usually pretty strict about their religion however they are all pretty relaxed about the situation, different to Ireland where cross marriage between catholic and protestant is often a point of conflict between families of the couple.

      Best man at our wedding was of Albanian decent, he married a Christian girl and their kids are all christened we are God parents to their first born daughter.

      When I try to reconcile with what my experiences are with Muslim people (From Albania) and what’s happening in the world with Muslims it’s almost contradictory.

      If I try to explain my experience with Albanians to Australians people say I’m being an apologist for Muslims.

      I find also that people from Kosovo never identify as being of Albanian decent – Apologies if this is regarded off topic.

  5. I think the bad pr of Albania and its population is truly shocking.

    I have been in a long term and stable realtionship with an Albanian lady who knows more about love comittment and life than any English girl. Moreover she is the most outstandingly intelligent and beautiful woman. She gives me (a mensa plus man) a run for his money on every intellectual level.

    The rubbish written and spoken about Albania is alas also astonishing. I have visited the country many times, never been at risk, have walked about alone in unknown areas and never had a moment’s trouble. Their food cutlure and family beliefs are something to be admired and treasured. The country has had a difficult time and is trying depsrately hard to rebuild with some sucess. I wish to see it part of the EU and one where its real values come shining through in a European cutlural climate dominated by crime deceit disrespect of family and elders.

  6. Jim, I wish Albania never ends up in Europe (like Greece) because they will be ruined like us! (Greek) Albania is a very beautiful country with nice people, mostly. Albanian girls are very beautiful, but still they have to get closer to the European mentality. We are neiborghers with Albania, I live in Corfu island Greece and we have lots of alb people here living in Greece. The worst thing about them is that when they meet an English girl they say that they are Greeks, why?They should be proud of their origin and not lie.

  7. Well done George that is true.Most of us Albanian saying that to foreign girls that we are Greek or Italian.
    Because we were disliked mostly in Greece then Italy i am talking in early 95 till 2000 but now things has changed and its time to tell the truth and to be proud who you are.

    Then our country was isolated and unknowing from big country.
    As the comment over there that not to marry a Albanian girls is a full of rubbish.

    Albanian girls are beautiful,hardworking and clean.Same as other beautiful balkan girls.We do not have a problem to marry what ever religion they are.I am an orthodox and my wife is a muslim.we go to church and mosque.our boys called one Dhionisios and Mateo.Most of the Albanian girls have same mentality as european girls.But soon in one decade it will change for all the jungs.

    One thing I don’t like here in Greece that a lot of Albanian don’t speak Albanian to each other because they think they have forgot or is a shame to speak the Albanian language because they now speak greek and they think are Greeks but unfortunately they hold Albanian passports with greek permission to work here.
    To speak the language and write it, is an important thing wherever you work and live.

    I have been 8 years in UK learned the language spoked it and write it,but my language i still didnt forget it.In UK ,Canadians, USA,Germany and the rest of EU
    Albanians are proud who the are.

    Same as Greeks in UK ,Candadians,Germany wherever they are they speak it and they do all the other activities on their community.

    So Mr and Mrs ,miss Albanians is proud to be who you are and tell the truth about your origin because it will come one day that your children will need it and it will be to late for it.
    your language is same as other languages and let your children to learn it.
    I am not saying to shout and yell in the public in your language because it looks bad for others who do not understand it
    . Really is a shame for Albanians parents and young who pretend they can’t speak the mothers language.

  8. Reply to fredi: I moved to England when I was 5 and have entered a difficult situation ever since. I know the English language probably better than some English people but I don’t say that I have forgotten my mothers language I simply didn’t learn it in the first place. Because my parents don’t have the time to teach me the language and I don’t have the time to learn, I face difficulty when going on holiday there due to the lack of understanding the Albanian language. I know enough to get through a simple conversation and sometimes a complicated one but often avoid them. I try sometimes but need to learn more vocabulary. And to the confused albanians:…Because I have a house further to the south of Albania I know what it’s like to see Albanians thinking they are Greek, it’s not healthy…you can’t escape your roots.

  9. You know what surprises me that people actually have all these views on Albanians and Albanian Culture.
    First of all I would like to start clarifying something major about Albanian women. Everything that is said above is rubbish i mean really not true. Albanian girls are not so easy and that’s a fact. Not ignorant (in contrary very smart) They might not be as religious as going to church and all that but they are more religious than those Americans or any other western (actually most developed places) as knowing how to value family, respecting others, being proud and most importantly know how to respect themselves, (I hope u know what I mean…may be not cos u might be too ignorant for that: I mean sleeping around with everybody, cheating and putting themselves first even before kids, a concept not even known or understood but Albanian culture. U know i study in the US 4 years now, I have lived some other years in other places too and mostly in Albania, and i can say proudly that having being raised in an Albanian family is something i should thank god for. They taught me religion without a bible or Koran and I know God is more pleased with me for valuing and loving and caring for my family and community and i emphasis valuing family, than is from your American girls, who go to church (actually most of the young don’t go at all, only old people) hang over.
    Anyways I think I am just wasting my time doing this but, when you write about someone or something be more thoughtful to how incorrect can u be and how u can affect others.
    Albanian women, in contrary to what’s written are very beautiful. They do not look so alike with Greeks or slaves but they are very beautiful . . . I am sure guys will totally agree with that.
    Warning: U cannot ask an Albanian girl to sleep with or hang out just like that, they will feel so offended and disrespected.
    If you are a foreigner and you pass on the street, I am pretty sure that no one will give a shit. Maybe the reason why u have felt so special is because our culture is known for hospitality. We are very friendly with ‘guests’. That’s how we make them welcomed and respect them. But I guess coming from American culture its hard to understand that.

    1. Besa ta hongsha zemren. Lume prinderit qe te Kane rrite. Lume ai qe e kalon jeten me Ty . God bless You.

  10. I’m Albanian, and these comments are not true.
    and we have our own beliefs and principles,You can not talk about a people and women who are Albanian women like that…our parents teach us that we keep up the family and everyone is free to choose what he wants muslims or christians…especially now after the war in Kosovo and Serbia

    1. I agree with you.
      I have been to Kosovo for about two weeks and Albania for 3 days 🙁 , I loved the people, were very generous and very respectful. if you respect the people they will respect you more, you can not have fun with girls in Albania or Kosovo.

    2. I can say that the Albanian girls are very faithful. As I have friend in Istanbul, Turkey and he has Albanian wife. She is very attractive, kind and simple lady with full respect of islamic culture and she is living in Istanbul with herfamily. She is wearing Hijab. I want to get in touch with Albania people and would be happy being happy with any relationship.

  11. To say that women from one country are exactly the same is not correct. There are intelligent and unintelligent, beautiful and ugly, talented and boring, promiscuous and prudish, kind and mean, religious or un religious, church goers and non church goers type of women. In every country. Not just one. For any Albanian women to take this site seriously. Or let me rephrase. For any woman or man to believe a man so ignorant and someone who classifies one type of person to an entire country is someone not to listen to. Also anyone who speaks like his word is god is someone who is going against the bible. I am Catholic and have a very strong faith. People who judge others are truly naive. As it says in the bible to judge others is only gods job.

    1. You are on a rant and not making sense. I think you are saying you can not stereotype. If this is what you are saying we all agree. However, there are some differences in different cultures. Are you saying culture is uniform and does not exist in the world?

      1. To say that is to cancel out all sociology, anthropology and humanistic studies, there are many cultures and people who live in different cultures interpret things in different ways.

      2. “Admin – However, there are some differences in different cultures. Are you saying culture is uniform and does not exist in the world?”

        There are tremendous ethnic cultural differences, not “just some” like you’ve mentioned above. Culture is the only factor which distinguishes ethnic groups, nations all around the world. To know the Albanian culture is a wonderful gift, however nowadays everyone who wants can learn what is God’s endowment. There are some people presume that Albanian culture is pretty much the same as other Balkans cultures. That’s a huge mistake, that’s not true at all! According to different researchers this ethnic culture is unique, not just in the Balkans but in the world as well. This is the reason why Albanian girls are so beautiful and intelligent due to their unique cultural roots. The mindset of Albanian society is considerably collectivistic, whereas western countries are individualistic, and this is a big difference. Consequently, the role of family in collectivistic societies is more valuated than in individualistic ones. Albanian moral remains very strong. Saving face in the Albanian society/culture is very important element than in other societies in the world. Of course, not every Albanian girl suits these attributes I have mentioned above, however a real one makes me proud to be Albanian. Read the real Albanian history (written by western historians), not the libelous one written by Slavic and Greek “historians”.
        P.s. I’m Albanian Muslim, but my best friends of mine are Catholics and orthodox. Bier in mind: the real Albanian religion is SHQIPTARIA, not Islam, Catholicism, etc.
        All the best,
        Illyrian Blood

  12. Who wrote that Albanian girls are not good for marriage? obviously you never been with a Albanian girl in your life, because we are the most family oriented people in the world. This is in stark contrast with many but not all American women who divorce their men. Looks like an Albanian girl broke your heart, I do not blame her.

    1. I do not have a great contact with Albanian culture and people, but in my experience the women are all about family.

      1. Reply to Admin:

        If you didn’t have any contact with Albanians then how do you know about Albanian girls.

        Then if you don’t know about what are you speaking do not comment about this.

        Do you want to know some true stories about your American girls or English girls that they get drunk and they don’t know with which one they has slept with, So my friend search more about Albanian girls.

        1. What are you saying? That Albanians girls are like the western girls? I do not know if I have written that? Two different cultures and further not all western girls are like you say at all. That is just an extreme.

  13. How did this go from Albanian chicks to Albanian hillbillies (because they are the only ones who go work in Greece that’s a fact) acting Greek? Oh yes and one more thing, a malaka joined the conversation 🙁 Greeks are Albania experts even though they never been there I once had a Greek tell me ( I’m born and raised in Albania ) how we live. I went to Albania on his donkey lol .

  14. I am 100% Albanian. Here is what my family looks like, Mom, olive skined, blue eyes, aunts: Light natural blond green eyes; Dad olive skined & brown eyes. Me, dark features, thick lipped, small nose tall, thin, brown eyes, my brother light olive skined, dark blond hair, thick lipped, Noisette eye color.

    And this is what Albanians look like. Every one is different yet they have ths common charming features. While I admit that so far Albania has been a rather popr country, thus ppl did not take care of them selvs as much now they are more at ease and thus you can see their real beauty.

    It is kind of true that a lot of Albanians are not religious, but they are very spiritual. And as far as values are concerned, they are 100% times stronger than any other Europeans that I have met because they are based on family and respect. Family is our religion. The second religion for us is being Albanian. We’d give up anything to save an Albanian (whether he is atheist, orthodox, muslim, catholic etc etc).

    Lastly, what makes Albanians beautiful above anything is their generosity, mre than once has history shown the Albanians’ generosity, good-hearted people that have helped anyone that was in need. We did help our brothers from Kosovo, we did help the greeks against the Ottoman occupation, we did help the Jewish people (during the second World War), we did help Bosnians in 95 etc. This makes us beautiful as opposed to the bad things that were organised by our neighbours (both south and north).
    Albanian people are warm and Albanian girls make good wives, so call home or come home to Albania.

  15. Hi I’m an Albanian girl.
    I’m looking to get to know an Albanian guy.
    Here where I live there isn’t any. And I really wAnt to find someone to spend my life with.
    Email me if you R interested.
    I live in America and looking for someone who does

  16. First of all, what you wrote is not correct, let me explain. Albanians are not a mix of Greek, Turkish, Slavic and Roman, we are 99% Dinaric and homogeneous as a whole ethnicity.

    Albanians will marry Albanians only, rarely an outsider and that results mostly in divorce (Around 90 % of cases), it’s not a racist thingor to say we are pure except more in virtue, we do not intermarry with other Caucasians as well, we stick to our kind irregardless of religion.

    I myself am a product of Albanian Muslim & Catholic, both parents which have been Albanian for more than 10 generations, yet majority of Albanians are converting into Catholicism (Islam was brought by the Ottomans, you either converted or had to give up a family member; either for Janissarism or the harems) and Christian Orthodoxy was later imposed by the Greek churches, which tried to assimilate Albanians, nowadays they are all Catholics of the Byzantine rite.

    We are a gorgeous and homogeneous Caucasian nation, so unfortunately your chances as of being a non-Albanian are down to 10% of ever hooking up with one and even lower if you’re non white, sorry guys. Our blood means the world to us & we will keep it pure for centuries to come.

  17. Albanian queen where you at my baby, keeping it really yes just like you should,

    Its true Albanians generally stick to Albanians, theres odd ones that don’t but they don’t count they aint got no Albanian in them.

    I live abroad but I find it difficult to socialize with other people than Albanian man , purely just because you just not going to find that Albanian social life with anyone else, that nice sweet anger crazy thing.

    1. Maybe the old fashion Albanians, but I know Albanian girls in the USA that want nothing to do with Albanian guys. When cultures mix, I think it makes life more interesting.

  18. Not old fashioned Albanians, most of Albanians. Even my relatives in the Diaspora are all married to Albanians. That might work in the states, but not in Europe. In fact most Albanians I’ve met in the States are extremely fanatic about their culture, unlike American females that would hop in bed with everything.

    1. First, not all American girls are bad. This country is a melting pot of many cultures and each person has their own ideas about premarital relationships. I think the USA does have a dominate feminist culture, but it is not everywhere and with every girl. I mean NYC for example is like 50% immigrants. Southern girls are sweet as are girls from the midwest generally. Maybe North Eastern metro women have departed from traditional morality but not everyone.

      Albanian girls I have met in the USA have become American. It is our culture of acceptance and assimilation. The first generation does retain the traditions but once you get to second or their it is a different story and I think you would be surprised.

  19. I was born and raised in the USA. I am second generation Albanian from Kosovo, speak Albanian and married an Albanian. I have been raised with only Americans all of who help compromise the American melting pot . I think as the admin, you should take into consideration these comments are not wrong.

    Albanians are strong when it comes to preserving their nationality. I studied in Italy for a year and found Albanians there to let go of their culture quicker than Albanian-Americans have done. I think it has to do with the countless support we have had to create Albanian-American organizations. This lacks in Italy and Greece due to the stigma that is attached to the people who first came to these countries.

    The Greeks and Italians were not as quick to understand the history of communism in Albania and the toll it took on these people. I think the faith thing is a misconception. As a catholic Albanian, my family continues to celebrate all the saint feasts by going to each others homes for the saint day that a family member may have. Others I know do the same. I have grown up as American as possible, ballet, lacrosse, mock trial, sweet sixteen without my family present (yes this can be rare), and the ability to date Americans.

    Two of my uncles married American however we along with countless families continue to pass our culture on. I would argue that Albanian women are progressive today, in their own way, unlike other cultures, we have fought for our rights. We are strong woman, OCD clean, intelligent, and fight for what we believe.those that have chosen to not preserve their culture, usually due so because of the unfortunate personal issues their culture has imposed on them. I live in Kosovo now due to my work with the eu mission, I have noticed women in Albania and Kosovo due tend to be more modern and desire education more.

    This is because those at left the country so quick during the years of turmoil have sometimes preserved traditions that are backward. I am just saying, this article may be your personal opinion but you should have done some more research. It is flawed and not truly the correct portrayal of the Albanian women. I would not even care if you mentioned the backwardness mentality because it can be true, but the faith part is so incorrect. We just don’t judge each other within our own culture in regards to faith. My husband is Muslim and I am catholic. We compromised and married in a church. Albanians will marry each other regardless of their faith, being Albanian is important.

  20. Not all American women are getting drunk and sleeping around. I can safely say as an American woman that unfortunately some do. But at the same time, all cultures everywhere have the young who are drinking and getting crazy. I have worked in a place where foreigners are coming for the summer. Bulgarians, Serbians, Ukrainians, and many other.. and I see the same behaviors in these people as what you are speaking about for American women. Its a personal choice to drink and get crazy. Its a social event for most. And mostly its a popularity contest in America. Too many girls have low or no self esteem so therefore they are making many bad choices.

    1. American girls certainly do not all behave wild. There are like what 50 million American single girls in dating age, in this group you will have a large amount of diversity and generally goodness. The are many good American girls, millions.

      I think what most guys complain about is the general culture in the USA with regards to dating. American women experience so much so fast and sociological statics back this up.
      Being a guy growing up in the USA I have experienced it.

      For example, I went an all boys school growing up so maybe I am not a good example, but I basically read romantic literature and idealistic philosophy during high school when other guys were dating and going to the prom.

      When I really started dating I was shocked how fast the girls in the USA grew up. By the time they are 21 many have had several boyfriends and experienced a lot of life what in old times was only reserved for the context of marriage. Call me old fashion but I do not believe in doing things in high school that is reserved for the sacred bond of marriage.

      I believe youth should transmute their adolescent urges to higher purposed pursuit either intellectual, like learning languages or chess or music or art or something and reserve the physical actions connected to love for the context of a deep relationship as marriage. Or spiritual like learning the Bible or the theology of the church. Then when their emotional maturity matches their hormonal development they can make the right choices about choosing a partner.

      However, there are American girls in High school that already had relations. By the time they get to young adulthood their conception of what is expected of them in the dating process is skewed and they do no even know it is skewed because everyone is doing it.

      When this happens they will eventually enter marriage with messages from society about love and marriage that are not what the Bible teaches nor the church. Hence we have a 50% divorce rate and a lot of men and women in the USA are lonely and have messed up lives and there are single moms everywhere, actually the majority in America.

      So American women are good and great but some but not all follow the social trend of the time, to squander their virtue.

      In contrast when I traveled the world, girls in other countries like Eastern Europe want only to find their one and only true love. Maybe they have one boyfriend and get married.

      Material things and what the guy does for work or material possession are not important and maybe even a slight negative. I can not tell you how refreshing it was to meet girls who were anti-material, spiritual and intellectually actualizing themselves without the wonton behavior of youth that in our American culture is accepted as part of the ‘college experience’.

  21. When it is written about Albanian girls, about their origins, yes Albanians come from the ancient Illyrians, but they are not genetically mixed with Slavs Turks, or Roma, what the hell is this, first of all the ” Greek” ethnicity does not exist, Albanians have created the Greek ethnicity in 1830, when the orthodox Albanians, known as Arvanites created the state of Greece in 1830,secondly never Albanians have mixed with Roma, they are considered subhumans even today, and only in the times of communism, we accepted them in our neighborhoods, and with Turkish, total ignorance, there were never Turkish colonies in Albania, unlike there were in Romania, Bulgaria, Greece or Serbia.

    Albanians are whiter than Greeks, and sometimes they can be similar to them, because they are both Mediterranean countries, and Greeks have a lot of Albanians blood. The Albanians people are composed in 85% by the Dinaric people, which was called the people of the Illyrians, since the Illyrians stretches in the Dinaric mountains. Slavs have affected a bit our people, but even Serbs are not real Slavs, but Sarmatians, who mixed with Slavs and turned Slavic, and mixed will Illyrians also. So learn before the features of the Dinaric people, which are similar to the Mediterranean ones, and than talk. The genetic studies of the European and American universities have shown that the percent of R1a (it is called the Slavic halphogroup and sometimes Nordic one) in the Kosovo Albanians who have lived among Slavs fore more than 11 centuries in only 4.4% , and even this percent is Nordic not Slavic Tee other genetically research of the Californian University, Davis in JULY 2012, studied more than 2,300 Europeans, among than 23 Albanians, and the genetic result was that Albanians are the purest people in the entire Europe, with the same ancestors that date at least 1,600 years ago ( you can search about this genetically research in internet), the most homogenous group in Europe, that has been isolated and coherent at these last 2,000 years, after some northern Illyrians come to the southern Illyrians, in Albania, where the capital of the Illyrian strength was.

    About Albanians as the purest people have spoken great scientists and anthropologists, such as Carleton Coon, that’s pacified thatAlbanians are 85% Dinaric, the greatest anthropologist of all times, the Swedish Anders Reitzus, that came in the result that brachocefaly in Albania reached 90%, the highest in Europe, and Illyrians were the most Brachocefalic people in Europe. Also the father of the modern racist theories, Monsieur Joseph Arthur de Gobineau, considered Albanians as the purest of the Eastern Europe, and also as strong people, by studying their skulls. Some considered Albanians as the purest in Balkan, ans considered them Aryans as Germans, by studying a lot of the Albanian language, people and genetics, here is an article, written by a German:

    Albanians are the un-mixed people in Europe not because they have been lucky or that they have been blessed by God, but because Albania is the most mountainous country in Europe, and Albanians have been applying tribal laws since the times of Alexander The great, that Albanians call him Leka i Madh. This laws were called the Kanun. and that’s why more than 95% of the Albanians that go outside the fatherland marry Albanians, the KanKanun forbidden you to marry someone that did not speak Albanian,(whether you are Muslim or Christian, it does not matter) or that it wasn’t part of your tribe, it is one of the most important laws, and is called ” Gjaku s’hup kurr”, the blood never losses.

    So before talking like freak, with your own American imagination, (talking about the non-existing ”Greek” ethnicity, which does not exist because today’s Greeks are a mixture of Turks, Slavs, Vlachs and a lot of Albanians), without knowing history, social laws and anthropology, do not talk but learn,

    Albania is not a rich country, but do not confuse or satisfy yourself by saying that if you wear good clothes in Albania, you will attract attention, because things have changes a lot, since communism was overthrown.

  22. My name is Shqipe which in translation to English means Eagle. It is a symbolic name. Our nation is called Shqipetar and our land is called Shqiperi. Many Albanian names are symbolic through which names you can spot our roots as a Nation. Regardless in what part of the world we live our pride as Albanians will follow us till the day we die. During our life we sacrifice a lot for family like many human beings but do but we learn to sacrifice more than that by trying to save our culture, tradition, and our identity as a proud nation. Religion to Albanians is a spiritual thing, we respect all religious believes not only among our nation but all religious believes of other nations in the world. I can speak on the name.

  23. I can speak on the name of my Albanian brothers and sisters and they all will strongly agree with me that “In every Albanian woman, there is mother Teresa heart”. As a Nation we are very generous, caring and respectful. Humanity and hospitality is a blue print in our genes. When one Albanian deviates from our traditions and commits any crime or sin for all wrong reasons we automatically suspect that this individual does not have “pure” Albanian blood. As strange as it may sound it is true. We believe Albanian that has a pure blood has to much pride to do such things. Pure blood carries all values and believes and traditions that we fanatically strive to pass to new generation which gives true Identity of who we really are as Nation.

  24. I find it difficult as an Albanian female living in England as I am continuously caught between the two cultures. I am young and want to enjoy both cultures simultaneously but it is so difficult as everybody from my Albanian side of the family judges and comments when they are not welcomed to. Now this may come as a little harsh and as if I’m whining but it is a constant problem of mine as I always feel the heavy weights on my shoulder as I make a decision for just about anything.
    I also am not this stereotypical Albanian girl who cooks, cleans, obeys, is quiet. I am hard working, a little messy and my cooking skills are not ‘up to standard’ but why must there still be such unrealistic exception of women in general. I do not speak for every Albanian female of course, I speak for myself as I have always found it difficult to live without the heaviness of my background constantly reminding me of what I can NOT do. In the words of salman rushdie “EAST,WEST: I Live Within the Comma.”

  25. Guys I did not have time to read all the comments but I’m sure if you do read them all there are some bad comments and also good by people that knows and have met Albanians and bean in Albania.

    The fact is that yes we are (poor)not starving but just poor by EU stand art. we have an amazing culture and lots of history to show sometimes even better than the countries around us. We Albanians give the bad name to our self I will be honest and say that we where shame of our country being poor that’s why sometime we tried to hide it.(not All of us).

    Now back to the topic. I live in Australia for many years and I have look of some photos of myself when I was living in Albania and I can tell you that I looked like someone that just got out of a jungle.

    I can explain you why, No money to spend for tooth,Hair,nice shampoo, conditioner, after shave, nice close,shoes, sun glasses,sun cream didn’t know what it was and many other things similar to this.

    This things guys makes everyone look good unfortunately (money) is power that’s what we missing. give us sometime to compare. We don’t need EU or bull we need 20 more years like we are now
    and than the negative people above can really compare us if they wish.

    I will like to thank all people that visit Albania hope you all have warm feelings and you are always welcomed back again.

  26. I am an Albanian and I have read some comments above that Albanians only marry Albanians. Well, that is not exactly true, because I know for a fact that there are many Albanians that do marry other nationalities and there is nothing wrong with that.

    The country itself it is poor and we hope that it will soon reach EU standard “at least I hope so”. Concerning the Albanian girls, they are beautiful, charming and simple!

    An advise to all Albanians, please do not offend girls of other nationalities/countries, because they are just as beautiful, charming and simple.

    Here is another advise to all Albanians “females and males”! Marry whoever you love no matter the nationality, culture, etc.

  27. Disclaimer this story gets darker as it goes.

    The start of the relationship

    I am a 31 year old and American and she is a 22 year old Albanian. We met a little over a year and a half ago while I was working in a restaurant owned by a local Albanian. family here in the united states. She is an international student and was ‘volunteering’ at the restaurant. We fell deeply in love with one another, sharing things we’ve never told anyone in the world. I have opened up to her in ways I thought I wouldn’t be able to do with another human being. Especially after the last decade of my life which I will describe soon.?

    My son and ex

    When we first started talking I was doing good, I had my license and a car. I had a second job at a radio station. I was happy wither. But there was a catch. My son’s mother still lives here with my family. Our son is seven years old and he is the light of my life. However, his mother and I can not get along and we’ve tried everything. There’s simply no reconciliation, and the reality is we were just incompatible to begin with. So we broke up and decided to part ways once and for all, but my son was supposed to finish the school year first. That never happened.

    How I met my Albanian girlfriend

    Instead, about two months after we broke up, the woman I was to fall in love with walked into the restaurant. There were sparks immediately. It took me three full days to gather the courage to face her and introduce myself. I’m not very shy around girls because when I speak to them, I have no pretenses. But with her, it was different. But, we could not keep our eyes off of each other. Any time I’d look in her general direction, I’d find her staring at me. And I would constantly do the same. Now before I go on, I have to say that she is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. And I don’t say that because I love her. I mean it.

    So on the third day, I finally introduced myself and stumbled through my every word. I was nervous, but I was excited. And I knew she was too. I could feel it. I could see it written all over her. So a couple of nights later, she sent me a message on line and I remember my response to this day: ‘holy smokes’.
    I could not believe she was contacting me outside of work. My heart was pounding out of my chest as we started talking about everything. Soon, I realized we were natural conversationalists with one another, and everything just flowed so smoothly.

    It didn’t take long before we began flirting and admitting that we were clearly interested in one another. She even told me how hurt she was when we first started talking in the restaurant and I told her that I thought of her like a sister. She was devastated and thought that I didn’t like her back. Boy was she wrong! I was quickly falling head over heels in love with this girl. We were talking every single day and at this point, things had now taken a romantic turn. We would talk long into the night, sometimes until dawn, just hours before we were both supposed to be in for work. But we didn’t care. We were becoming best friends.

    Soon, we decided that we should meet up in person, so we decided on a good date and location. That day, we met up and for the first time, we hugged each other. We both later described the exhilaration of the rush as “electrifying” and the moment we embraced each other. It was a windy day by the ocean and it was a little chilly. So we held each other a little longer. Then, we kissed each other. and I swear , I knew I was falling in love for real at this point. We both did. And from that moment on we were virtually inseparable. Unfortunately, this love story takes a dark turn.

    Dark side of love

    I should begin here by saying that I have a seven year old son, whom I adore and would do anything in the world for. I love him infinitely and unconditionally. He lived with me up until about a week ago which I will explain. His mother also lived here. And she and I haven’t gotten along in years. She loves to argue, yelling. Screaming. Name-calling. And the ugly truth is that she does it in front of my son all the time. It gets bad. And to sum it up, she was threatening to call the police on me and file made up charges just to put me in jail. So I was forced to call them and let them know in order to make sure I had a report on file first. Just in case. But as you can imagine, my girlfriends uncle was not going to like hearing that I had a son, much less his mother living in my parents home.

    How I grew up

    I grew up really messed up. Drugs, crime, neglect as a result of my parents heroine use (I mean the other spelling). And eventually,m this got me and my siblings taken away form our parents and we were all split up from one another. We all took it hard and I developed personality disorders because of it. I’m diagnosed bipolar type 1 and I have extreme difficulty in maintaining relationships of any kind because I have a very hard time believing I’m able to be loved. I am also diagnosed aspd and I’ve suffered from pretty severe depression most of my adult life. But I also attribute that mainly to poor relationships and my lack of coping skills to deal with negative emotions and undesirable situations.

    I got myself in to a lot of trouble up until my early 20’s. In and out of dys (juvenile detention facilities) and eventually a few stints in county jail. It all came to a halt the I had my son. I knew it was time to grow up. But while I had just made the greatest creation of my life, I had done it with someone who is essentially an enemy to me, wearing friends clothing. My sons mother and I are poison for one another, but I couldn’t convince my family to ask her to leave because they didn’t want to lose their grandson which I respected. But the problem was that my sons mother has a wealthy family. We on the other hand are relatively poor. None of us have a college education and we’re all the products of drugs in one way or another.

    So eventually, we got to talking about the idea of telling her family about me. And thats when the can of worms really opened. I was introduced to the a common Albanian. tradition which says that Albanians marry Albanians and that’s usually it. Now, her family isn’t super-traditional and I have reason to believe they would let her marry a non-Albanian guy if they knew he was right for her. And believe me when I tell you. I am right for her. But what happens next is almost inexcusable. And it’s the reason why we had to really put the brakes on telling her family.

    Like I said, I come form a relatively poor family and I have no education beyond high school. Mind you, my family is very intelligent. Just not academically trained. No diplomas. No fancy jobs. No family business. No trade passed down to me. My dad was a thief and my parents were drug addicts until I was about 9 years old when they both got out of prison. All things considered, I actually turned out alright. I’m not dead or in prison today and I like to think that I’m an asset to my community. I go out of my way to do nice things for people. I believe in karma. I never did anything detestable. I was never a thief. I like animals. I’m a decent person. But I didn’t think I was going to be good enough for this girl.

    Addition and I am not talking love

    Bring in the drug addiction. At this point, I thought that the woman of my dreams, whom I was completely in love with, was never going to be mine. I believed I would never have a good enough job to support us. I had lost my license and my car as a result of my addiction. I believed that being an American was not good enough for her family. I had a criminal recored. I was completely convinced that I wasn’t enough for her. But there she was. She wouldn’t leave me. And I wouldn’t leave her. But things were getting worse. I started becoming jealous of the new guy who had taken my place at work. He got to work with her every day while we had to schedule time for us to meet up when her family wouldn’t notice. And without my car, and her living in a different city, it became almost impossible to see each other.

    By now, my heroine had me in a death-lock. I couldn’t get away from that substance. It’s disgusting. It’s evil. Never touch it! It’s the devil, so anyway, she told me one day about something her co-worker had said which I disliked. So I went into my old job and slapped him around, which in retrospect was foolish because she never would have been interested in him. I was just being a fool. I was so messed up on the drugs and by the idea that I was going to lose my girl. But it was insane because I was actually pushing her away by doing all of this. And at that point, I was asked not to come back to the restaurant which hurt me terribly because these people had literally become like parents to me. It was hard to walk away. And that night I wanted to kill myself. I knew I couldn’t see her anymore and I told her I was going to miss her forever and that I couldn’t take the pain, so I loaded about a gram of heroin into a needle and injected it all at once. I overdosed on my friends kitchen floor and woke up three hours later.

    The next day, she was so messed up by everything (and rightfully so) that she had nowhere to turn and finally admitted everything to them, telling them that she had been keeping a secret by dating me. They took her phone away and began driving her to and from classes and work. There was simply no way I was going to see her again. Hours of silence turned into days. Those turned into weeks and at the time I was working an overnight job in December doing 12 hour shifts six days a week inside a of a refrigerated warehouse in two inches of flowing water. It was exhausting, and the whole plan was to save money so she and I could get a place, but a junkie can’t save money. Remember that. But now, she was gone and it wasn’t the same when I would come home at 4 in the morning and her texts weren’t there to literally warm my soul. And when I woke up to go back to the same place I realized I’m going to feel cold and empty and alone forever.

    So that night I got him and went to bed. And when I woke up on the third week of no response from her, I couldn’t live with myself anymore. I used a razor blade to slice both of my wrists wide open. I wanted to die. The only woman in my life whom I ever truly loved was not coming back. Not now. Not ever. And I couldn’t even say goodbye to her, a friend of mine was worried about me, and miraculously enough he called as I was slicing my wrists. The only reason I answered was because he still worked with her and would see her! So I wanted to see if he would please tell her I loved her with all of my heart and soul, but that I couldn’t go on living without her. And that alerted him. He then learned that I had sliced my wrists and he called 911.

    I was admitted to a psychiatric ward and remained there over the course a three weeks during the Christmas of 2016. I was despondent. Miserable. Sullen. I was alive and the woman I loved would never be mine. I had felt the pleasure of true love after being trapped with someone who was verbally abusive to me for 10 years. I thought I was never going to be in love with someone who made me laugh and smile and enjoy life. I thought how cruel can this life be. To show me that and take it away. But soon I began talking to my friend who called 911 and he helped me to realize that I had put myself in this position. I had dug my own grave. And now it was time to dig myself out. I wrote her a 15 page letter. As you can see, I can get a little verbose. Lengthy, you might say. And I began working on my treatment in there. I wanted to change.

    When I was finally released I went to the train station with my letter every day for almost 2 weeks hoping to hand it to her and to see her face just one more time. Even if I was to never see her again, I needed hug her just once more. I needed to say goodbye. When she left we had no closure. But I felt in my heart that she still loved me and I told her so in the letter. I told her I’d always love her. I told her what she meant to me. I really spilled my heart to her. But she wasn’t there to receive the letter. Her family was driving her to and from work. I ended up trying to date another girl in order to try to get over the love of my life, but that simply doesn’t work. It was a disaster and it really wasn’t fair to the girl I dated. I just didn’t have any feeling for her. But I couldn’t bring myself to stay around my son’s mother because she wouldn’t miss an opportunity to bring me down by reminding me that my girl was gone.

    But I will l never forget when she posted one of my songs and my stage name on her instagram. I was unblocked and I knew she was reaching out to me. I messaged her immediately. She wanted to know if I was off of the drugs. I was. She wanted to know if I was still with that girl. I wasn’t. We were back. And it was better than ever. She got her license and a car. We were seeing each other again all the time. We started sleeping over together at her house, but that was a big mistake! We didn’t have permission, but we still became incredibly intimate with one another and our relationship had certainly grown to new levels.

    Well, things were going good. So good in fact that I was allowed to come and see her again at the restaurant. We were spending at least 3 or 4 days a week together. We were making the most amazing love that that I can imagine. We were in pure bliss. But we still knew that we had to talk to her family. She lives with her uncle and his wife. His wife resents my girl and treats her with disdain sometimes. Her grandparents also lived there, and they were the ones to raise her. But her grandfather just died and she’s been taking it pretty hard, I feel terrible for her. And if that wasn’t enough, her mother is now sick in the hospital in Greece. My poor baby can’t get a break.

    So on Saturday night we were heading back to her house after she got out of work. And I had told her so many times, ‘let’s just be honest with your uncle. I don’t wanna sneak around behind his back. I want him to be able to respect me. If he catches us, it’s gonna be a lot worse’, but she swore he wouldn’t. Sure enough, he followed us all the way home Saturday night and he confronted her about it. They did a lot of arguing in shqip and I heard her telling him that we love each other and that he needs to talk to me. But he kept saying not now and telling me to go. I was trying to keep her warm in the cold when her aunt came out yelling and screaming and making a scene. Basically she told her to choose between me or them and that she was disrespectful and so on. But when she said she would go with me they dragged her in the house and threatened to call the police on me. So I had to walk all the way home.

    When I finally got some she had sent em a few messages saying that she loved me and that she would never give up on me. But this morning they told her that she had to pick between us. But she sent me e-mails telling me that she will tell them that she’s never going to see me again, but that she can’t really do that and that I’m the only one or her. I know she’s hurting right now. And it kills that I can’t be there for her to give her my love and support. And then to make things worse, they told her they were gonna send her back to Greece. Then they said they wouldn’t. But she said her mom is getting so sick she can barely speak. I don’t know what’s wrong with her, but it all happened very suddenly.

    I remained hopeful she still cared

    My girl sent me a few more messages and mentioned that she was talking to her mom. So I was trying to remain hopeful that she would somehow get through to her mom even if it meant a miracle. I had to hold on to hope. But when she came back she said ‘I leave tomorrow’. I didn’t know what to say. I was completely shocked. I balled my eyes out like a baby. I was hysterical. I was hyperventilating. I couldn’t believe she was going away again. But this time I wasn’t on drugs. And I’ve been doing so good. I didn’t do anything wrong this time. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. But when I asked her why, and she said that she had bought the ticket herself because her mom was sick.
    But if she leaves the country, with the current status of her visa, she may not be able to return until I file a marriage petition and we have to jump through 6 months of hoops with US department of Immigration.

    I am definitely convinced that this girl is not with me for papers because I have offered to marry her on many occasions for that very reason and she refused because she didn’t want to get married and have me wonder if it was for papers the whole time. Those are her words. She has said that she wants to get married, and I do too. Very much. But right now we have a lot of resistance built up against us. Her uncle thinks she’s my side-chick. He thinks I’ll get back on heroin again. And I can’t blame him for his concern. But he’s wrong and I need to prove that to him.

    The weird thing though was that the last few messages she left for me were telling me that she was going to take her car that night and leave, so I said you better take me with you. Then she said she didn’t know what to do and that she will wait for me no matter what when she gets to Greece. Then she went back to talking to her mom on the phone again. And when she came back, she told me she will be so bad there (mentally) and that she can never get over me. She said I will wait for you no matter what. Come. I’ll wait.” so I thought long and hard about it. And if her family is truly willing to disown her, then maybe it’s better she does go back and I take over as her sponsor. Everything was just so weird. One minute she’s telling me to meet her at her school or the train station. Then the next minute she she turns around and tells me her mother is sick and she has to go back to Greece. to be with her. I understand if she’s sick, you have to go. But she also knows that if she goes, she can’t be readmitted. I just feel so sad over all of this and I don’t know what to do. But in her situation, she doesn’t have any easy choices.

    Waiting for love

    I know she’ll wait for me, and she’s worth it. I’ll wait for her too. But I guess what I really want to know is what everyone thinks about this situation. I missed a few details here and there, but I can fill some of that in later. I’m just wondering if you think we have a shot? Is this up to us? What can I do to convince her uncle that I will protect her, love her and treat her with dignity and respect till the day I die. Will it be hard to get her back form Greece. if she goes? And if she doesn’t, do you think she’s gonna come back like last time, or do you think she’s going to keep her word to them despite making numerous promise to leave me alone? Did her family ties finally cave us in? Is it more because I’m not Albanian., is it more because I don’t have money to throw around? Or am I just being a big baby and I need to forget about Albanian. culture and American societal norms and just go and get my mental health together and get my girl? I don’t know, I’m so confused. I don’t know what to think.

    I am American, she is Albanian. Her family hates me and I was a messed up who’s now getting his life together. I love her dearly. She might be going back to Greece. what do I do?

    Can we live happily ever after?

    All I know is in the last e-mail she sent yesterday morning, before all the texts about leaving to Greece., she told me to stay positive and that nothing can come between us and that this is temporary. She told me to stick to learning graphic design and not to get off of my suboxone. That I have to prove how strong I am now. She said no matter what we will end up together, So my only plan now is to do exactly what she asked me to because when she comes back, I want to tell her don’t worry baby I was strong for both of us. And I know that inevitably she will come back, but whether she comes back to be with me or not is the question.

    So is she just trying to let me down easy or are we gonna end up living happily ever after?

    1. Friend, I do not have to tell you the answer to if you can love happily ever after, as you already know the answer. You are like Neo in the Matrix asking the Oracle if he is the one. The Oracle does not answer because it is not about that. It is about walking the walk and the path of self transformation until you do not have to ask the questions, because you are living the question.

      I am sorry you suffered so much. Most of this was caused by you being raised by parents with an addiction. It will take years to heal. I personally know this as many people from the last generation grew up with parents addicted to alcohol. However, you can heal. Maybe in your 40s you will start to feel normal if you start now with a path of spiritual transformation. Maybe sooner.

      My recommendation is try everything you can to heal. Including yoga and living a clean lifestyle. Religion is the center of my life. If you can really heal your addiction and let go of everything from your past, than you can have this beautiful Albanian girl.

      What do I know, I am not expert on life. However, I have seen countless people who do amazing things with their lives when they clean up their life.

      Graphic design is great. If you do not have the cash for Photoshop, you can use Affinity photo, Inkscape, GIMP or other programs at low cost or free. You can get a cheap computer and put Linux Mint Cinnamon on it, if cash is the issue.

      There is no such thing as a no win scenario.

      Once you have your act clean for a while anything is possible. You know that.

  28. Well, if faith is not a great centre in their lifes then that would be the place I would love to live. The cities in my country were faith is stronger are usually were marriages are unhappter and driven by inertia and morally wrong choices as the husbands cheat to wives but doesn’t matter because they are puntual to go to church as their marriages were made not by love but traditions and faith.

    My Albanian friend is quite a good person and I am happy she doesn’t talk me about European religions that to a true American (not the country but the continents) sometimes makes me wonder how in religious societies can tolerate such stress to live according to rules in contradiction with what their heart asks. Of course I respect the choice of others and if religion is the centre of their lives then to get happiness they need to find another person with the same thoughts.

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