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My name is Mark Biernat and I create language learning programs.   I create these programs  with the sincere intention of helping others learn languages. I designed it to the best of my abilities to be the most effective way to learn a language.

Why does this language website also discuss love and travel?

Because I am not a large corporation.  Let me explain.

The programs will be called Learnfast languages.  I have another domain for that. However, the name of this domain is  The reason is Claritaslux was started as my personal blog where I write about my personal journey with languages, travel and love.  However, it has evolved into  is a domain with a lot of my writings over the years so I have turned it into the launch domain for my language programs.   I have been writing on for years so that is why you see a mixture of topics.However, I believe that brings authenticity to my site. I it my writing about my experiences. Languages are connected to travel and relationships. They go hand in hand.

Write me if you have any questions

I lived in Krakow, Poland. I now live in Saint Augustine, Florida but travel back to Poland.  My dream is to have a house in both countries.

Having both a programming, music and a language background, and personal experience with brain regeneration, I have combined these passions by creating LearnFast audio programs, these will be MP3 based programs because I feel I spend too much time in front of the computer.  I initially wrote software programs, similar to Rosetta Stone. However, I personally did not like it.

I prefer Audio only. This is the way I learned and it allowed me to be mobile. You can put it on your phone.

LearnFast is a streamlined and effective and incorporate the latest breakthrough in science as well as creativity.

If you want find me on Google + here Mark Biernat

In my free time I enjoy chess, reading and discussing every topic connected with history, literature, economics and the world, and taking long walks in enchanted places with my sweetheart  and wife Katarzyna and daughter Łucja.

Mark and Kate

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Hello Mark,
I liked your site very much. Congratulations !
I am a Frenchman, now retired, who has travelled extensively in 4 continents so you will easily understand that I can only like what you do.
I don’t want you to have the impression I am giving a lesson but just wish to put the record straight with only your site improvement in view.
Here are the corrections for the French language :
-Je crois en toi
-C’est pour toi que je suis ici
-“on pardonne tant que l’on s’aime” (written twice under the same heading)
-Est-ce qu’on t’a dit que tu ressemble vachement = meaningless
-Fait-il chaud ici où est-ce juste vous ?
-Vous êtes mon âme soeur (“Soulmate” does not exist in french).
Should you need to check something you can contact me.
Kind regards,

Hi Mark,

I’m an Australian living in Krakow and attempting to get my head around the Polish language. Thought I might give your cards a go! Are you still in Krakow? Please feel free to contact me on details provided.

Regards, Ossie

I am in Kraków and I love it. Contact me if you have any questions about Poland or the Polish language.

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