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My name is Mark Biernat, I am from New England (CT/Boston) but live in Krakow, Poland.

Music + Programming + Languages + Brain

I have a programming, music and a language teaching background, and personal experience with brain regeneration. Thinking of a way to use this, I have combined these passions by creating LearnFast language learning software and mp3 language learning programs in various languages. They are streamlined and effective and incorporate the latest breakthrough in science as well as creativity.
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My blog is about language learning and how to learn a language. It is my personal blog and has many topics beyond just languages, such as travel learning and the brain. However, most posts are ideas on how to learn a language. Please leave your comments on my blog the posts or the images connection to the language learning post.

Free time

In my free time I enjoy chess, reading and discussing every topic connected with history, literature, economics and the world, and taking long walks in enchanted places with my sweetheart Katarzyna and spending time with my daughter Łucja.
Love phrases and romantic words in several languages

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  1. Mark,

    I will soon be a dual US/EU citizen and I am looking for a country to start a business, easily and cheaply. I have read your articles about Poland being a great place to start a business. I am also aware that Americans are accepted in Poland because of the connection we have with Polish Americans and the mother country.

    It is my intent to open an art publishing company somewhere in the EU. I need reasonable printing costs; labor to assemble and ship my product throughout the EU and N. America. What I am trying to gather now are my potential resources.

    Printing companies
    Business resources, Work space
    Living Space
    Business startup costs and Tax info

    do you have any websites you could recommend that would assist me with these needs?

    Also, what would be the BEST city. I have heard that Warsaw is expensive. Should Krakow be a consideration?

    I would appreciate your assistance. And would be returned in kind.

    Thank you.
    Don Williams

    1. I am not an expert on everything but I can tell you that I do some art related printing. I have priced out the USA and Poland. Poland is about 1/3 cheaper. I do not understand it. In theory Ink is the most expensive part of printing, and so prices should be the same, but in Krakow where I live it is much cheaper to print things commercially than in the USA.
      I also compared China. Now with the dollar and shipping it is not worth it. I am sure in Asia you can find something cheaper, but I have looked for several years and unless you are a WalMart type company with a buyer on the ground it is hard to do business there. I also have had people quote crazy prices and low quality. In Poland I do not get this. I get a fair deal. I still shop around but the prices are more market and fair.
      Also, the price saving over the USA is such that, even with any shipping it is still a fraction of the cost.
      I live in Podgórze in Krakow near Schindler’s old factory and there are a score of printers in this area.
      Alot of designers and artist in Poland to outsource work to. If you want to write me personally I can make connections for you.
      I think Eastern Poland is even cheaper, but I know Krakow. I know that from here I can ship or get to any place in the world and most people speak English.
      I also teach English in a firm that I trust and can recommend if you like to set up a business. They are an accounting firm that deals with these things.
      Again, you can look around but for me Krakow is pretty good for a place to start a business. But I know the city so that is why I say this but it is true anyway.

  2. My daughter 25 and her significant other, just had there first son. For his employment he owns a business that requires him to travel a lot. They were in Spain not to long ago and he wanted the baby born there to have dual citizenship. But my daughter panicked and asked to come home to USA. She can now ask the right questions and have their second child abroad with no worries. It sounds like dual citizenship can be a positive if done correctly.

    1. If your daughter is the US citizen and can do all the paperwork properly with the requirements if the child is born abroad, then it should be no problem for the child to be American. Spanish citizenship will be based on the father and by right of blood. However, the father has to be Spanish and prove that this is his child, perhaps by a DNA test. I have no idea why people, who have kids do not get married and stay married. Children need two loving parents in a normal stable home.

  3. I am Indian citizen live in London with my wife and two children. I studied MBA here and have post study work visa till August, 2014. I can extend my visa in entrepreneur category in Tier 1. But I would like to know a better EU country where I can start my business with lesser capital than UK and get EU citizenship as early as possible. Please suggest best possible way, either study, investment or business.

    1. I do not know and I think it would take further research. However, I would say the poorer countries in the East have much lower capital requirements and are easier to obtain citizenship. I think the idea is you want to get a visa. Then you get a greencard, then you get citizenship. In the USA you would need a 1/2 million dollars to get a business visa then you could hope for a more permanent visa etc and years latter a citizenship. But no country is going to give you a citizenship just because you lay money down, unless you are talking millions and millions.

      So I would start looking at countries like Poland, which are beautiful countries to live in and would have a lower requirement to start a business in terms of capital than in the UK. However, that really is not necessarily true as Poland is getting richer by the day and the bar is getting higher.

      Further you want to consider where you want to live for ten years.

      I have a lot of people wanting EU citizenship, but unless you have a lot of money or a connection to Europe it is not easy. There has to be a reason. If you could do some research and let me know what you come up with I would appreciate it.

      1. Thanks for your quick reply. I prefer to bet for Poland as its in EU and would be kept connected with UK. Also it will allow to visit other countries in EU without visa. I earlier did a research and contacted with immigration and accounting firms. But couldn’t proceed. I need to proceed and there for I need to visit Poland first. I want to know how can I get a visa to come over there. I also want charges of company formation if needed. Is it any minimum requirement to stay in Poland to renew my visa every year. Can I live in UK?

        1. This is my about page so can you post comments under the appropriate post sections?
          Basically if you have a Polish visa you can live in Poland and visit other countries but not live in other countries. You have to go to Poland and apply at the office of foreigners. These are the people who can answer your questions as there are too many details and variables for me to answer here for you. There are a lot of factors. However, basically if you have a company in Poland you can live there. But this does not mean anything for citizenship, it is a different idea. And certainly if you want to use Poland as a stepping stone to live in the UK, it will take ten plus years of life in Poland learning the language and raising your family there.

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